Thanks for taking part in our Sangrita trial. We hope it was a success!
Please fill in this questionnaire with as much information as possible to enable us to judge fully the success or failure of the trial.

    1. During the trial, have sales of Amigos (please tick the relevant box)


    2. Please can you share units of Amigos sold during the offer compared to during the same period last year?


    3. Did you run an offer on Amigos whilst trialling Sangrita? If so, what was it?


    4. How did you and your team find the concept of Sangrita? (please tick all which are relevant and feel free to write any other thoughts on the concept)


    5. What was it about Sangrita that you and your team enjoyed?


    6. How would you describe the customer feedback?


    7. Can you give more detail on customer feedback on Sangrita?


    8. Do you think that Sangrita makes Amigos more upmarket?


    9. Do you feel that Sangrita could help you raise the RSP of Amigos?


    10. Do you have any further comments or thoughts that you think would be helpful for us to know?