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Tequila and lime are the classic flavours of Mexico, present at any party! Vibrant carnivals and celebrating the good things in life are central to Mexican culture, as is refreshing, easy drinking cerveza.

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Amigos supports street culture. From street food markets and street art jams through to street parties and festivals. We love culture that comes from the streets – made by the people for the people and believe that Amigos is the perfect #streetcerveza.

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Amigos has long supported motorsport, currently sponsoring the British Touring Cars Championship race winner Tom Ingram, Formula 4 championship contender Sennan Fielding and the Ginetta GT4 Super Cup Championship.

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In Mexico, a very popular drink is Sangrita (meaning little blood, not to be confused with Sangria!). It’s a non-alcoholic, spicy drink which enhances the flavours of tequila.

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A golden, easy drinking beer with a punch of tequila flavour, enhanced by the zing of South American limes.

Inspired by modern day Mexico’s sense of vibrancy, energy and passion, Amigos is best enjoyed ice cold, with friends.

Available in 33cl and 50cl bottles.

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Great News you can now buy Amigos on line for delivery to your front door at

You can purchase Amigos from many great quality supermarkets and convenience stores as well as a wide range of pubs, bars, restaurants and markets. To stock Amigos, please call 01246 216016.

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