Street Art of Mexico

We love graffiti and Mexico is arguably one of the only places that really praises its existence. That’s why we feel such a connection with the artistic city. Graffiti has always been a controversial subject around the world, in Mexico however, the story is completely different..

Mexico has an atmosphere filled with vibrancy and culture and a history beyond belief, the whole city has become a blank canvas to be brought to life. It’s safe to say that Mexico has the most eye gripping art with some murals painted sky high and taking up an entire building.

The streets of Mexico are absolutely decorated with graffiti for all the right reasons, the art brings the city to life and tells stories of happiness and celebration along with many of resistance and grief. Many young artists use graffiti as their outlet to show their interpretation of life in Mexico and this is understood by all in the artwork on the walls.

Even the buses are covered in colour, the UK could definitely do with some of that!

Here’s just a few of Team Amigos’ favourite graffiti in Mexico.